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Blue-and white Swallow


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  • We create handmade field guides of the birds of Costa Rica and Central America. The paintings, descriptions and maps are the result of a true consuming passion.  
  • Apparel (coming soon), tote bags and archival art prints are available on our store. 
  • All proceeds are rolled back into supporting the work of researching and producing the field guide.

About our eStore

  • Why do we have separate shopping carts for different products? We only partner with product and print suppliers whom meet our fastidious standards. This means different suppliers for different products. No one supplier is capable of meeting our high standards across the entire product line.
  • We partner with Bay Photo prints and Fotomoto because we are confident in the quality of their prints. We only strive for the best archival art print and Bay Photo has shown a genuine dedication to the craft. When you purchase one of our prints you check out via Fotomoto a separate Bay Photo shopping cart.
  • We partner with Printful because they consistently produce top quality printing on well made, attractive and durable T-Shirts and Tote Bags. When you purchase one of our T-Shirts or Tote bags you check out in a separate Printful integrated shopping cart.
  • The eBooks are of course sold through the Apple Books and Kindle stores with the links on our “books” page.

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